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Optical Networking

Our DWDM solution is well suited for satisfying the backbone capacity for a telecommunications network, creating or expanding a storage area network ( SAN ) or connecting it to existing networks, enhancing the speed and capacity of data transmission lines between company offices, as well as creating virtual private network ( VPN )

Ethernet & Multi-Service over PDH/SDH/SONET

Greater efficiency with multiplexing. General rules applicable to most traffic streams are usually true for data transmissions as well: Currently operating network components and structures should be utilized fully and efficiently to provide further cost reductions.

Next Generation Multi Access Connectivity System

The solution enables the user to create an own Multi Access Connectivity System by using different modems or converter cards. Virtually, all high-end application demands are met by the various options of using copper or fiber optic modems and converters and the interface modularity of these cards.

Media Converter Solutions

Our solution offers the widest variety of media conversion solutions for network extension. Our solutions section explores some typical applications that illustrate how our products can be utilized in your network.